Toolbar (Excel'95)

Q: Toolbar tooltip Excel95?

A: Excel'95, toolbar toolti'. NothingToDo() .

' This example creates a new toolbar, adds the Camera button
' (button index number 228) to it, and then displays the new toolbar.
Public Sub CreateMyToolBar()
Dim myNewToolbar As Toolbar
On Error GoTo errHandle:

Set myNewToolbar = Toolbars.Add(Name:="My New Toolbar")
With myNewToolbar
.ToolbarButtons.Add Button:=228, StatusBar:="Statusbar help string"
.Visible = True
With .ToolbarButtons(1)
.OnAction = "NothingToDo"
.Name = "My custom toolti text!"
End With
End With
Exit Sub
MsgBox "Error number " & Err & ": " & Error(Err)
End Sub

' Toolbar button on action code
ublic Sub NothingToDo()
MsgBox "Nothing to do!", vbInformation, "Macro running"
End Sub

int: Excel'97 !